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International Whores’ Day - MOCA Geffen

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International Whores’ Day
Friday June 2

International Whores’ Day 2023 is a twist on the usual protest meets celebration—this year, join us for an educational and safety-focused health fair supported by the Los Angeles Public Health Department and the BIPOC Collective, as well as PASS Certified, The Sidewalk Project, and other local organizations. Information sharing is interspersed with pole dancing and DJ sets coordinated by EthicalDrvgs.


Wonmi’s WAREHOUSE Programs is organized by Alex Sloane, Associate Curator, and is produced by Amelia Charter, Producer of Performance and Programs, with Brian Dang, Programming Coordinator, and Michele Huizar, Programming Assistant, The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles.

Wonmi’s WAREHOUSE Programs is founded by Wonmi & Kihong Kwon and Family

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